Autism & ADHD Assessments

Multi-disciplinary assessments for Autism and ADHD in line with best practice guidelines.

Who we are

Dr Jenny Murray – Dr Murray is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of Berkshire Psychology. She also works in the NHS in Buckinghamshire CAMHS on the Neurodevelopmental assessment pathway. She is routinely involved in the assessment of Autism and ADHD, as well as general cognitive functioning.

Heather McKenzie is a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist also working in the NHS Buckinghamshire CAMHS Neurodevelopmental Assessment Pathway. She undertakes assessments as part of the multi-disciplinary team at Berkshire Psychology.

James Milkins is a Specialist Mental Health Practitioner who is experienced in working with both adults and children. James is part of the multi-disciplinary ASD / ADHD assessment team and he undertakes follow-up interventions where appropriate to teach skills to manage stress, anger and emotional distress.


  • Full developmental history
  • Completion of screening forms (parents and school, ASD / ADHD specific)
  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS – for Autism assessments)
  • School Observation
  • Panel discussion (professionals only) to agree outcome
  • Full report and feedback to parents

Fee: ADHD or Autism - £750
ADHD / Autism Combined: £900

What happens next?

Following the assessment if we make a diagnosis we suggest that you send the report into CAMHS and ask them to confirm the diagnosis. This is so that you have an NHS record of the diagnosis should you need CAMHS support in the future.

The report you receive will include recommendations for school as well as information on local resources for parents, such as ASD specific workshops and parent training. We do recommend that local resources are accessed but if more bespoke / individual support is needed we can signpost you to appropriate professionals.

We do not have a psychiatrist in our clinic so if ADHD is diagnosed we suggest you request a GP referral to CAMHS, or send in our report if you are already on the waiting list. Request an appointment to discuss medication. It is at the discretion of Berkshire CAMHS as to whether they will prescribe medication on the basis of our diagnosis.

Cognitive Assessments (IQ - Intelligence Assessments)

We use the Wechsler Intelligence Scales which yield a Full Scale IQ score and assesses intelligence across five domains (Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory and Processing Speed). The assessment takes around 1-1/2 hours and a full report is compiled.

Fee: £350.

Referral information:
Tel: 07894 353 141

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